Looking Back on 2022

The IPE Team

The recent deep freeze has been a cap on a memorable year. From the easing of COVID-related court restrictions in several locations to Supreme Court decisions that upended years of legal precedent, 2022 will long remain in the minds of many legal practitioners. Through it all, NBI has remained proud to serve the educational needs of the legal community.

NBI did big things in 2022. These would not have been possible without customers like you. Thank you for choosing us for your educational needs. Here’s a brief recap on what we did in 2022, and a brief preview on what’s to come in 2023.

What We Did in 2022

Though we don’t like to brag, we’re pretty proud of what we accomplished in 2022. These achievements would not have been possible without the continued support of legal practitioners like you and the hardworking NBI team.


Our credit team was busier than ever in 2022. They processed over 77,000 individual requests for credit. This is a huge increase over 2021. In case you still need credit by the end of December, there’s still time! This post will point you in the right direction with the information you need to get your CLE credits.


In 2022, we offered:

  • Over 1,000 state-specific live online seminars in all 50 states
  • 1,500+ Live Online Seminars and Live Webinars
  • 3,400+ OnDemand events

We could not have done this without our valued faculty members who were willing to share their knowledge and expertise. We owe them an immense debt of gratitude.

We doubled the number of Fast Track events we offered in 2022. These quick-to-market 1-hour live webinars allow you to stay current on the most pressing topics you need to remain informed. Interested in taking one of these courses? Be sure to check out what we have coming up!

Platform Updates

You may have noticed changes to your live event experience in 2022. Some of these changes included:

  • Two-way chat functionality that allowed for better communication with presenters and peers
  • A new room layout that placed the media player, slides and chat features front and center

We made these changes to better optimize our platform for diverse learning styles. We will continue to test new features to improve our offerings.

What’s Coming Up in 2023?

2022 was an exciting year at NBI, but we’re not content to leave things where they are as we go into 2023. As we enter into our 40th year, here are just a few of the upcoming changes you can expect from NBI in the new year.

New Products

We don’t want to play our hand just yet, but we have some new product formats in the next year that will provide even more convenient options for your busy schedule. They will also appeal to diverse learning styles. We’ll let you know more when these products are ready to launch, but we’re confident you’ll appreciate them. Stay tuned to NBI’s blog for more information.

New Website Features

The new year will bring new updates to NBI’s website. We are adding features that will make it easier than ever to stay on top of your Continuing Legal Education requirements. We’ll let you know when we roll things out.

Changes to NBI’s Blog

NBI’s blog serves as a free learning resource for the legal community. For 2023, we will focus on providing you with resources that will help you improve your practice and hopefully make your life a little easier. The blog will also serve as an information exchange for busy practitioners by hosting articles from attorneys like you. Want to contribute? Contact brad.kelly@nbi-sems.com to get involved!


Thank you again for choosing NBI for your educational needs. We look forward to being your preferred CLE provider in 2023!

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